MUSIC HAS A POWERFUL IMPACT on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young adults. The study of music increases perceptual, language, mathematical and creative skills. It is a force that unites people in different communities and economic backgrounds.

Music Education





Today, over 700 students from diverse cultures study at the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation.








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RECOGNISING THAT YOUNG MUSICIANS need to be constantly inspired, challenged and exposed to new ideas and techniques, the Foundation organises regular master classes and workshops conducted by eminent visiting musicians.



THE FOUNDATION INVITES local and visiting musicians to present informal lectures, recitals, and workshops. These are followed by discussions and conversations on all aspects of music. These evenings provide a lively forum for dialogue and interaction.



Guest Faculty


guest faculty


Social Initiatives


Music for all

MUSIC SHOULD BE ACCESSIBLE to every child and enjoyed by all. The Discover Music programme, one of the first of its kind in Mumbai, has been adapted to the needs of children studying in municipal schools and is provided to them at no cost.


Music theory

MUSIC IS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for those who are differently-abled. The expressive power of music helps these students to communicate and instills confidence and a sense of accomplishment. A qualified music therapist conducts individual classes for children and adults with special needs.