“MUSIC CAN INSPIRE and play a wide role in our society. Its enduring qualities encourage self respect, and liberate potential. It can only have a positive influence and can offer a different life – a life of imagination, a life without boundaries.

MUSIC EDUCATION is not only the education of the mind but also of the heart.”

– Mehroo Jeejeebhoy
Founder Trustee

A History

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Mission Statement

  • TO OFFER CHILDREN from an early age opportunities to study music which will equip them with invaluable life skills, creativity,discipline, team work and enhanced cognitive abilities.
  • TO REACH OUT TO CHILDREN from low income communities, transforming their lives through the power of music.
  • TO INTRODUCE MUSIC to differently-abled children to build self esteem and help them integrate into society.
  • TO DEVELOP a well qualified faculty of music teachers.
  • TO PRESENT PERFORMANCES by world renowned musicians, significantly adding to India’s diverse and rich cultural environment.


The Legacy

Mehli Mehta

“MY DEAR FRIENDS, you all have no idea how joyful and elated I feel deep in my heart, that at last my dear home town is achieving, in full bloom, my dreams, hopes and longings of making beautiful, great music …. And now at 90, I realise that you all my dear, dear musical friends have remembered and rekindled the flame I lit in 1935, that too in my name and honour.”

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Mehli Mehta



“IT WAS ALWAYS my father’s dream to create an environment in Bombay which would enable talented young Indians to study western classical music and to perform it professionally in the country. My family and I are, therefore, extremely happy today there is a foundation in India bearing my father’s name dedicated towards that dream. I hope lovers of music in India and elsewhere will lend wholehearted and continuing support to the foundation.”

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Zubin Mehta



About the Foundation

MUSIC HAS ENTERED AND ENRICHED the lives of children and there are so many children waiting to discover the special joys that only music can bring. One day we hope to reach them all.

Shyam Benegal, Zareen Bilimoria, Iqbal Chagla, Yusuf Hamied, Mehroo Jeejeebhoy, Mehli Mistri, Rashmi Poddar, Nusli Wadia

Roda Ahluwalia, Nira Benegal, Neeta Bhandari, Zareen Bilimoria, Roshan Chagla, Smita Crishna, Pheroza Godrej, Manek Guzdar, Mehroo Jeejeebhoy, Khursheed Lam, Gool Mistri, Saker Mistri, Vera Udwadia, Monica Vaziralli

Farahanaaz Dastur, Jayashree Grover, Kamal Taraporevala, Khursheed Lam

Adelle Vaz, Ami Makim, Artem Kopylov, Arzan Dhanbhoora, Beniefer Kavarana, Dina Semenova, Esther Alphonso, Gopal Chakravartty, Kahan Taraporevala, Kamakshi Khurana, Kanupriya Shah, Khursheed Printer, Rafaël Cumont – Vioque, Meghann Mascarenhas, Natasha Dalal-Lord, Nicole Fernandes, Olga Mytnik, Ria Master, Rohini Basu, Shimoni Shah, Tanusree Deb, Tanya D’Souza, Virgil Sequeira, Vishala Khurana